Rurality Project in Soubré, Ivory Coast


200 farmers
engaged today


808 ha
surface mapped


270 tons/month
delivery of product by farmers engaged with Rurality


In Ivory Coast, Rurality collaborates with Nestlé and several of its partners (COOPAGRIS, COOPALM, SIPEFCI, ProFairTrade) to generate change at palm oil farmer level and in the supply chain. Some of the objectives are to create better farming management methods and infrastructures through innovation and connections between farmers.

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Rurality in Action

civ meeting
Seeking diversification

Rurality Field Officers observe and collect innovations that farmers elaborate in their plantations. During group meetings, farmers also exchange ideas about diversification opportunities.

bache des planteurs de rurality compressée
Engaging with farmers

Group meetings are organised to present Rurality and the team to the farmers. It is already a first step in building trust, giving some farming advice and getting to know them.

Parade des enfants compressée
Valuing the farmers

The team organised a Rurality Day in March to acknowledge and motivate the farmers who work in Kpada. Local farmers, NGO’s, schools and authorities met in the village to talk about what it means to be a farmer, and to share experiences.

Mapping and field visits

Field officers visit each plantation with the owner to collect some field data. This will help identify each farmer’s situation.

Connecting with stakeholders

The team engages with several authorities, research centers, NGOs, middlemen and markets to try to foster the relation between farmers and these stakeholders.

Building trust

RFOs live in smallholding communities to know each farmer better and build a trust-based relationship with them. They return in the plantations several times to analyse and discuss each farmer’s current situation.

Rurality team in the field


Boko, Coordinator


Coulibali, Field Officer


Sil, Field Officer

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Pictures from the field


A farmer harvesting oil palm fresh fruits with her husband. Many farmers use family workforce on their plantations.


Amara harvests the oil palm fruits with a tool that he made himself. He used to work as a mechanic for many years before becoming a farmer.


Oil palm fresh fruits after the harvest on a plantation in Soubré.

les RFO participent aux corvees villageoises %282%29 (1)

Rurality Field Officers participate in the daily tasks of the community. They stay in the villages during the whole RDD process and meet each farmer multiple times.

Parade des enfants compressée

Many students from the local school attended the event and made signs which they held up with pride on Rurality Day.


Amara is harvesting the oil palm fruits with a long metallic tool. He is a very innovative and young agro-entrepreneur in Soubré.