About us


Rurality is an initiative of TFT, an international non-profit organisation working with companies, farming communities, and NGOs to preserve ecosystems and improve livelihoods through an innovative change model. TFT began developing this model in its efforts to cut down on illegal logging; it then realised it could be expanded to address other supply chain issues, such as deforestation in the palm oil trade and community exploitation in the pulp and paper sector. TFT has helped catalyse change in some of the most complex, seemingly intractable spaces in global supply chains by fostering a radically different approach to leadership, and aligning concrete action with stated ideals:

  • VT: First, TFT helps its industry members articulate their own values, and then guides them through a transparency process to highlight spaces within their supply chain that may not align with those values.
  • TV: TFT then empowers and engages change agents within the businesses to innovate solutions for transforming their economic activity to better protect environmental and human ecosystems. NGO partners help monitor progress and verify that stated goals are being met.

As TFT’s core work focuses on fostering change at the company level, Rurality aims at driving innovation at the base of the supply chain, with smallholders’ farmers where complex and seemingly unsolvable issues are present.

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