Practical and technical advice for more resilience

At Rurality, we believe that proximity and close ties with farmers are essential steps to understand them, to build real trust and to offer paths for changes and innovation.

The Rural Dynamics Diagnostic

The main focus for Rurality, and this is what makes our approach unique, is to really understand the daily challenges that farmers are facing, such as management practices, financial issues, housing, school ect,… A Rural Dynamics Diagnostic (RDD) is the tool used by Rurality teams in order to get a deep understanding of the farmer’s situation.

Trainings and advice

As our staff members visit the fields with smallholding farmers that are interested in innovation, they already provide some practical and technical support. Information and advice will be given when farmers share their difficulties performing various tasks:

  • Maintenance, weed control, seedlings
  • Fertilization, costs and application methods
  • Harvesting, date of planting, erosion,…

This support can make a major difference in the farmers lives and their communities. Innovative ideas and energy for change are sometimes hampered by a little lack of knowledge or funds. That’s where Rurality can help smallholding leaders cross their barrier and start building better resilience.