Is it the reality we want?

I find this video produced by Chipotle beautiful. Yes it is somehow an advertisement for a famous brand but it pictures so well my hopelessness when I look at real videos of factory farming. This cartoon wakes up the child in me, who says “that’s not right, it cannot be”, we must be able to do better!

Yet, this is where the logic of rationalization pushed to the extreme is taking us. Economies of scale seem to be justifying every action taken in farming nowadays… In Europe the end of the milk quotas is opening the path to bigger farms; in China and other places around the world, 2000 cows farms are being built as we speak.

Again, saying that doesn’t mean that holding the industry responsible and guilty for that  will change things. I once  heard the testimonial from a Brazilian slaughterhouse worker telling  how disturbed he was to have to treat animals like things. He was talking about betraying his own humanity. One too often forgets that businesses are moved by people who have their limits and feelings.

So it’s is not because it is happening that nothing can change. In this video, we can see the main character discovers a hidden truth. With a world that becomes more and more transparent, businesses are being increasingly asked to  reinvent how they work with farmers, nature and animals. The opportunity for change is here.

But making the agro-industry guilty and accusing them of being responsible of all this would be sterile. It would only divide further and make people develop arguments to justify why they have to do things like that. Instead, recognizing we are all people here who have brains to work together and have a collective choice is where I believe we can find common ground and energy to innovate and build solutions. That’s where I want to help with Rurality.